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I have been writing, recording and performing original music since 2001.

  • Solo performer - while at art school in Kingston I joined a community of musicians staging experimental gigs combining classical, folk and post-rock styles. My material was introspective in nature, crafted around fingerstyle acoustic guitar in open tunings. This period culminated in playing at Glastonbury Festival in 2008.
  • Music producer - I focused on music production after moving back to Folkestone, recording many EPs and albums at home. Any solo gigs around this time relied upon live-looping techniques, as a way to translate my brooding, atmospheric compositions to the stage.
  • Boo, Forever - a collaborative project with other top Kent singer-songwriters. I produced our eponymous album, which was released in 2013 on vinyl by Something Something Records.
  • Minor Planet - my rap alter ego. I made a playful alternative hip-hop album and collaborated with local filmmaker Joel Snowman to capture a common experience of our home town from the fringes.

Currently I am reconnecting with the guitar and hoping to return to my open-mic roots with new material soon.

Watch my music videos here.

Listen to a broad selection of my music on Soundcloud.

Explore all of my song lyrics at my online archive.

Catch new clips by following the #danieladdisonmusic hashtag.

"The blending of acoustic folk’s soft touch and the cold, processed sound of electronic production is something that has been tried a fair amount but has rarely clicked into place. Kent based Boo, Forever can count themselves amongst the minority that have succeeded. Their self-titled debut draws from the likes of Tuung, Bon Iver et al that have a fellow penchant for mixing the new and the old, resulting in something that is constantly intruiging and whose layers of experimentation are easy to lose one’s self in."

Will Moss – Artrocker Mag